Manufacturing Case Studies

Accomplish your goals with Altraco

As companies look for partnerships for offshore manufacturing, they often have goals in mind alongside quality and competitive pricing. Altraco works with you to accomplish those goals and provide the best quality at competitive prices.


    Manage and reduce inventory levels

    This large outdoor sporting and recreation company works to decrease costs by reducing their inventory levels. Altraco works with them to manage their inventory, providing products when they need them, but not before.

      This company looks to Altraco for:
      • Just-in-time delivery of products
      • Competitive pricing with flexible delivery
      • Inventory management


        Find alternative sourcing to handle tariffs

        As the current administration continues to crack down on trade relations with China, this company was faced with increased costs and a trade compliance nightmare. They worked with Altraco to adjust their supply chain quickly and make educated decision about new factory relationships in Vietnam.

          This company used Altraco to:
          • Navigate their best options for handling new tariffs on China
          • Find reliable factories in Vietnam
          • Manage trade compliance and customs paperwork


            Competitively fight online retailers

            As big-box stores look for innovative ways to fight online retail giants, private label products are taking off. Fortune 500 companies working with Altraco have embraced private labeling. Altraco has worked with them to analyze their current product offerings to find holes in their lineup, so they can add value to the in-store experience.

              These companies rely on Altraco to:
              • Provide product value design and engineering
              • Provide retail packaging design and engineering
              • Prepare quotes from domestic and overseas factories
              • Prepare samples
              • Coordinate production, quality control and importing
              • Insure and coordinate shipment

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