The contract manufacturing sector has transformed remarkably over the last decade. As competition has exploded in e-commerce and attention to production and design nuances have become more sophisticated, the demand for high-quality contract manufacturers like Altraco has surged. Being in the industry for 40 years, Altraco understands that you can benefit from its purchasing power, financing, value engineering, and quality practices. Picking the right contract manufacturer can spell the difference between a successful product launch and a costly blunder. When partnering with a contract manufacturer, businesses should also ensure that the manufacturer respects and prioritizes IP rights. Through this article, we’ll provide you with eight pro tips to ensure you make a well-informed decision, while also illustrating how Altraco stands out as an excellent choice for your manufacturing needs and allows you to focus on your core business.


Understanding the Importance of Experience

When you’re vetting a contract manufacturer, always consider the years of experience they bring to the table. An experienced company, like Altraco (40 years), has seen it all – changing tariffs and duties, bull and bear markets, pros and cons of factory diversification, strengths and weaknesses of each port, country diversification, and the rapidly changing nuances of product design, function, and packaging. Leveraging this vast experience ensures that you’re working with a partner who has honed their processes and understands the nuances of the industry.


Scrutinize Their Capabilities and Technologies

The right contract manufacturer should have an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies, expertise, and resources. Altraco prides itself on adopting state-of-the-art machinery/tools and techniques, as well as constantly expanding factory and country diversification which allows for cost and scale/capacity options. Before committing, evaluate whether the manufacturer is capable of meeting your specific production demands and if they’re agile enough to adjust to unexpected required changes for your product design, production quantity needs, cost needs, or production location needs.


Deep into Their Quality Control Processes

Quality assurance is a non-negotiable aspect of contract manufacturing which can cause substantial delays and financial loss. How does your existing or future manufacturer guarantee the quality of the products? Altraco maintains stringent quality control inspection protocols, employs a team of experts to ensure every product meets the desired specifications, creates QC reports that include lessons from 40 years of manufacturing, welcomes 3rd party inspections, and guarantees to replace any defective product. When researching a contract manufacturer, look for ISO certifications, thorough quality assurance measures, and any insights they can offer into their quality control process.


a Partner Not A Vendor

Transparent, prompt, and valuable communication is key in any contract-manufacturer relationship. Even though Altraco does not own a share of your business, they behave as they do. The contract manufacturer you choose should prioritize engaging as a partner on your team, open dialogue, provide regular updates, and address your questions timely. At Altraco, our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that our clients can always reach us and trust us to receive insightful prompt replies, making the manufacturing process seamless and stress-free.


About Scalability

Your business needs today might not be the same tomorrow. Thus, it’s essential to partner with a contract manufacturer that can scale production as per your requirements. Altraco’s vast and diverse infrastructure and capabilities allow us to meet varying production demands, ensuring that as your business grows, we’re right there with you.


Their Geographic Location and Logistics

Where a contract manufacturer is situated can have significant implications for shipping, logistics, and communication. Choosing a contract manufacturer like Altraco, which boasts strategic locations around the globe, can help reduce shipping costs and lead times, and provide options to avoid logistical hurdles such as tariffs, port delays, and/or geopolitical instability. Always factor in the geographical advantages or challenges before finalizing your decision.


Their Pricing and Cost Structures

Product cost is undoubtedly essential. A reputable contract manufacturer like Altraco provides a complete cost including mold(s), pre-production sample(s), landing cost(s), etc., ensuring that there are no unexpected costs down the line. Also, Altraco offers several manufacturing locations and manufacturing techniques that can provide you with options. Always ask for a detailed quote.

Asked Questions

Why is it crucial to have a diversified contract manufacturer?

Diversification in contract manufacturing means having a broad range of capabilities, expertise, and locations. Working with a diversified contract manufacturer like Altraco ensures that a company can handle various projects, from simple to complex, without having to switch between different contract manufacturers. This versatility not only streamlines operations but also guarantees a consistent quality level across different product lines. Furthermore, a diversified contract manufacturer can pivot quickly, adapting to changes in the market or adjusting to unexpected geo-political challenges, ensuring that your production remains uninterrupted.

What should businesses look for in terms of intellectual property protection?

Intellectual property (IP) is a critical asset for many companies, and its protection is paramount. When partnering with a contract manufacturer, businesses should ensure that the manufacturer respects and prioritizes IP rights. Confidentiality agreements and clear contracts outlining IP ownership are just a few ways Altraco safeguards its clients’ intellectual property. As an example, despite how meaningful it would be toward growing sales, Altraco does not advertise using its client’s names. Furthermore, it’s essential for manufacturers to have robust internal processes, ensuring employees understand the importance of IP protection and are trained to handle sensitive information responsibly.

How does a commitment to sustainability impact the choice of a contract manufacturer?

Sustainability has become a cornerstone in today’s business landscape. A contract manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable practices speaks volumes about its values and long-term vision. By choosing a contract manufacturer that emphasizes sustainability, businesses not only contribute to environmental and social well-being but also appeal to a growing segment of eco-conscious consumers. Altraco recognizes the importance of sustainable practices and consistently works to reduce its environmental footprint while ensuring the highest product quality.

Is there an advantage to having a contract manufacturer that offers end-to-end solutions?

Absolutely. An end-to-end solution implies that the contract manufacturer handles everything from design, prototyping, retail packaging, mass production, customs, and managing language/cultural barriers to quality assurance and shipping and beyond. By offering a comprehensive menu of services, Altraco eliminates the need for businesses to juggle multiple vendors, leading to more cohesive product development, better communication, and cost/time savings. Moreover, having a single point of contact for the entire product lifecycle ensures consistency and quality at every stage, leading to better-end products and higher customer satisfaction.



Choosing the right contract manufacturer is a monumental decision, one that can influence the trajectory of your product’s success. By following these pro tips, you can navigate the vast sea of choices with confidence, ensuring that you partner with a contract manufacturer that aligns with your values, needs, and goals. As you consider your options, remember that Altraco stands for excellence, innovation, de-risking through country and factory diversification, and unwavering dedication to our clients. We invite you to get in touch with us, explore our services, and see how you can benefit from our expertise and purchasing power. Discover why countless businesses trust Altraco for their contract manufacturing needs!